2010 IT Target Toss Pro Showpiece Arcade Machine

2010 IT Target Toss Pro Showpiece Arcade Machine
2010 IT Target Toss Pro Showpiece Arcade Machine
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Size D x W x H: 30" x 24 1/2" x 39"
Weight: 205 lbs
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One of the funnest games by Incredible Technologies is this Target Toss. The game of cornhole, which requires physical exertion and coordination turned into a video game where the only thing that is needed is to have a functioning finger. This is the Showpiece/Pedestal version. Comes with 52 flat screen and mounting frame (not shown iin photos).

Target Toss Pro is an approachable bean bag tossing game that offers fun casual gameplay and competition for everyone. “Bags”, (or “Cornhole”, depending on your region) is a deceptively simple yet very competitive game. The object is to use the trackball to toss bags onto or into into box at the end. The bags in or closest to the target win the most points. It’s fun, easy and gets all players involved immediately, plus keeps them coming back for more

The game also includes a variation on Bags that as a physical game has been banned in certain areas, known as “the world’s most dangerous game” – Lawn Darts! Instead of tossing bean bags at targets, you toss giant darts, aiming for the center with all of your shots. Lawn Darts also introduced an option for ‘profane’ rough talk, simulating your swearing uncle who would play lawn darts with you. That can be deactivated by the operator, allowing the game to be tailored to the location.