1983 Taito Exerion Upright Arcade Machine

1983 Taito Exerion Upright Arcade Machine
1983 Taito Exerion Upright Arcade Machine
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Serial Number: 131659
Monitor: Electrohome GO7-CBO
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A nice fully working rare game. Cabinet is solid and is good condition. Marquee is in very good condition. Control panel is fair and all the controls work as they should. Glass monitor bezel is in very good condition, has a scratch in the glass but not noticeable during game play (lower left). We triple thick cleared the back of the glass to aid in paint flake deterioration.

The Monitor Glass Preservation we did.

In this game you have two weapon systems: one slow double-shot cannon and one fast single-shot cannon. With each enemy hit by the slow cannon you get one shot added to the fast cannon ammunition supply. After each stage there is a challenge stage where you can also build your fast-shot supply.