Namco Multi-Game Cocktail Machine

Namco Multi-Game Cocktail Machine
Namco Multi-Game Cocktail Machine
Location: Las Vegas, NV
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A nice working 60-1 Multicade cocktail machine with all the classic games.

The 60-in-1 popularity appears justified because of:

  • the games list (see below),
  • the just-like original game play and game sounds, 
  • the system's great record of dependability (hardware v. 2),
  • the system's navigation simplicity, and
  • the fact of high score save (until system powered off).
  1. Ms. Pac-Man
  2. Pac-Man
  3. Jr. Pac-Man
  4. Super Pac-Man
  5. Pac-Man Plus
  6. Ms. Pac-Man (Fast Mode)
  7. Pac-Man (Fast Mode)
  8. Jr. Pac-Man (Fast Mode)
  9. Pac-Man Plus (Fast Mode)
  10. Galaga
  11. Galaga (Fast Fire Mode)
  12. Galaga 3
  13. Galaxian
  14. Donkey Kong
  15. Donkey Kong Junior
  16. Donkey Kong 3
  17. Centipede**
  18. Millipede**
  19. Arkanoid** 
  20. Super Breakout**
  21. Pinball Action
  22. 1942*** (8-way, 2 buttons)
  23. 1943: The Battle Of Midway**** (8-way, 2 buttons)
  24. 1943 Kai**** (8-way, 2 buttons)
  25. Amidar
  26. Bomb Jack (8-way, 1 button)
  27. Burger Time
  28. Congo Bongo (Like Q*bert, plays only with a diagonally mounted 4-way joystick, 1 button)
  29. Crush Roller
  30. Dig Dug
  31. Dig Dug II (8-way, 2 buttons)
  32. Frogger
  33. Gun Smoke*** (8-way, 3 buttons, can be set for 1 button)
  34. Gyruss (8-way, 1 button)
  35. Hustler, The
  36. Jumping Jack
  37. Juno First (8-way, 2 buttons)
  38. King And Balloon 
  39. Ladybug
  40. Mappy
  41. Moon Cresta
  42. Mr. Do
  43. Mr. Do's Castle
  44. New Rally X
  45. Pengo
  46. Phoenix***
  47. Pleiades
  48. Pooyan
  49. Qix
  50. Scramble*** (8-way, 2 buttons)
  51. Shao-Lin's Road*** (aka Kicker)
  52. Space Invaders
  53. Space Panic***
  54. Super Cobra***
  55. Tank Battalion
  56. The End
  57. Time Pilot (8-way, 1 button)
  58. Van-Van Car (8-way, 1 button)
  59. Xevious*** (8-way, 2 buttons)
  60. Zaxxon

Special information about game controls:

**Indicates a game that plays best with a trackball.  Installation, or not, of a trackball would be determined by the size and configuration of the control panel. 

So, the 4 games that play best with a trackball might not be feasible for some cabinet types with smaller control panels. 

However, the 4 games can still be played very well with an 8-way joystick.

If the control panel will permit, a trackball or 8-way joystick can usually be installed.

***Indicates a game that requires 2 (or more) buttons to play - for example, both a fire and jump button.  Most of the classic games, however, only require none or 1 button - such as, Space Invaders with only a fire button. 

So, the approximate 8 games that require installation of additional buttons (7 require 2 buttons, and 1 requires 3 buttons) will also be determined by the size of the control panel.

When the control panel size permits (and it usually does), installation of 2 buttons (fire and jump) is the minimum, but 3 buttons is preferred.

****Indicates a game (there are 2) that requires 2 sets of player controls to allow two-player simultaneous play.  There is usually not room on a classic game's control panel for comfortable play with two sets of player controls.

One set of controls is standard, since most of the classics are played with two players taking turns.  If two sets of controls were desired and possible, they could be added.  But, that addition would likely preclude the use of other controllers. Or, require a larger cabinet with a larger control panel.