Collectors Treasury of Antique Slot Machines Book

Collectors Treasury of Antique Slot Machines Book
Collectors Treasury of Antique Slot Machines Book
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While not pretending to provide exhaustive coverage of the antique slot machine, this 480-page volume does give a superb sampling of the advertising that appeared in The Billboard, a magazine long rated as the number one trade publication of the coin machine industry. Taken from issues dating over a period of 25 years, advertisements for such landmark machines as the 1937 Mills MELON BELL, the BALLY BELL and BALLY DOUBLE BELL of later vintage are included in the book's chronological arrangement, as are some devices that are to be found only in the ads, never having made it into production. 

As an identification guide, this book offers, by far, the most bang for the buck! Described accurately by the author as a "primary source book," the Collector's Treasury of Antique Slot Machines from Contemporary Advertising must be called gigantic---with 480 picture-filled pages. Size: 6.25" x 9.25".

From the Publisher:

It is a trying situation indeed when a publisher must admit that one of its lower-cost books is a best value. But we're sort of old fashioned and still think honesty is the best policy. While the Treasury doesn't have a speck of color ink within its 480 pages, and a good portion of the pictures are coarse and tattered, the thousands of pictures from yesteryear are somewhat redeeming in this age of computers, scanners and high-tech graphics. You'll want all the color picture books, of course, but the Treasury is---by far---the world's best value in slot machine identification books. Period!