BK Precision CRT Tester Rejuvenator 490

BK Precision CRT Tester Rejuvenator 490
BK Precision CRT Tester Rejuvenator 490
Location: Las Vegas, NV
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Test and restore color or monochrome CRTs. Test and restore most computer monitor CRTs. Test and restore most projection TV CRTs. Test emission, tracking, leakage, shorts, life. Remove shorts, clean and balance guns, rejuvenate cathodes. Continual setup chart updates and new adapter development. Extra rugged polyethylene case.

B+ K Precision pioneered the development of CRT testers and holds several patents on their testing circuits. We are still the leader of the industry and provide the most technical support.

The 490 is unique - for several reasons.
The 490 measures only beam current that actually passes through the G1 aperture to the screen. All three guns of a color picture tube are tested in sequence 20 times per sec-ond. Because all three guns are tested simultaneously, leak-age between the elements of different guns is pinpointed immediately. Cathode-to-cathode leakage, once virtually impossible to diagnose, is displayed as positively as common G1 -to-cathode and cathode-to-heater leakage.

Positive Good-Bad Tests
Unlike other testers and restorers, the 490 will give you a definite "yes or no" answer to tube conditions.

The assortment of adapters supplied with Model 490 has been updated and will fit over 80% of the CRT types in com-mon use today.

Tests Performed: emission, life, leakage, tracking (color tubes), focus continuity. Restoring Functions: shorts removal, gun clean-ing and balancing, cathode rejuvenation.
Meters: Three 2-1/2".
Accessories: CA-23, CA-24, and CA-31 fit more than 80% of recent color TV and monitor CRTs.
Case: Heavy duty polyethylene, pin hinge, in-lid adapter storage.
Power Requirements: 117 VAC, 60 Hz, 40 watts. 117/230 V, 50/60 Hz version available.
Dimensions (HxWxD): 420x340x145mm (17.7xl3.4x5.7")
Weight: 4.8 kg (10.711 lbs).