1990 Williams Rollergames Pinball Machine

1990 Williams Rollergames Pinball Machine
1990 Williams Rollergames Pinball Machine
Location: Las Vegas, NV
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A GREAT Steve Richie designed game. Rollergames was a short-lived roller derby TV show. Playfield is a 9 out of 10 for condition. Great players/collector overall condition.

The magnet on this game is at the end of the upper (right) flipper. There's a "magnet' shot just to the left of center that leaves the ball in a saucer. When hit (when lit), the game says, "Don't Flip!", a VUK fires the ball up, through a wireform, and right in front of the flipper, where it sticks on the magnet. The game says, "Flip!", and the ball goes right up the ramp.

The "wall" ramp shot, when "ball lock" is lit, leads the ball down a wireform ramp to a capture area. When 2 balls have been captured and the ball lock is lit, the two balls in the lock area will eject, travel around a circular wireform ramp over the playfield and return to the capture area. Making the third ball lock begins multi-ball.

This game has very addictive background music, with separate tunes for the standard game, 2 ball lock, multi-ball, "go for the wall", and jackpot mode.