1987 Atari Namco Galaga 88 Upright Arcade Machine

1987 Atari Namco Galaga 88 Upright Arcade Machine
1987 Atari Namco Galaga 88 Upright Arcade Machine
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Serial Number: GAL0214
Monitor: Sanyo 20-72AW
Size D x W x H: 32” x 23 7/8” x 69 1/2”
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This a super nice original game that is getting real hard to find. A nice solid cabinet with all original parts. Controls work great and smooth. Monitor is nice and bright with good colors. This machine has been cleaned and gone through and is actually more reliable than its predecessor.

This game was a sequel to the popular Galaga game. It had similar gameplay, but incorporated new "cute" sprites for the game, with some new features: triple ship, choice of starting mode, warps and other tricks discovered through gameplay. The game also supports a continue feature.

The game plays much like the original, but at the beginning you have a choice of heading out with a single or dual ship (choosing dual means having one less ship as a spare). In either case, enemies fly into their formation and you can attack them as they enter. Some waves will have escorts that can be destroyed and some have extra enemies that will fly at you instead of heading into formation.