1974 Atari Qwak! Upright Arcade Video Machine

1974 Atari Qwak! Upright Arcade Video Machine
1974 Atari Qwak! Upright Arcade Video Machine
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Serial Number: 00762
Monitor: Motorola XM701-10
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A nice working all original game. New NOS optic board included. Monitor has been rebuilt. New quiet side fan.

Qwak! is a single-player duck hunting light gun shooter arcade game developed by Atari, Inc. and released in November 1974. In the game, ducks fly one at a time across the screen, and the player shoots at them using a light gun attached to the game cabinet. The player gets three shots per duck; ducks change direction away from missed shots and fall to the bottom of the screen when hit. A screen overlay adds images of reeds and a tree branch, and an image of a duck is added to a row at the top of the screen whenever a duck is hit. Games continue until a time limit, set by the machine operator, is reached.

Development of Qwak! began in 1974, finishing in November. It was presented at the November 1974 Music Operators of America (MOA) Music & Amusement Machines Exposition for release that month. The game was not commercially successful; according to Ralph H. Baer, it sold approximately 250 units. A two-player clone game by U.S. Billiards, Duck Shooting, was produced around the same time, and Qwak! has been noted as a possible inspiration for the 1984 Nintendo Entertainment System light gun game Duck Hunt.

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