1951 Williams Music Mite Jukebox

1951 Williams Music Mite Jukebox
1951 Williams Music Mite Jukebox
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Serial Number: 2242
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1951 williams music mite jukebox tabletop plays 10 records (only 1400 made). This one is complete all original, but in non-working condition. Sold as shown with key. Would not take much to get it going.

Introduced in 12/1950
Williams Mfg. Corp. was founded in 1946 by Harry Williams and was a leading company for pinballs and novelty machines.
Williams was aquired by Sam Stern (vice president of Williams in the early 1950s) in 1959 and by Seeburg in 1964.

Music Mite was available in two versions: Straight 5c play (Nickels) and 5c-10c-25c single entry coin mechanism.

  • Selections: 10
  • Record Player: Record player RB-168 by RCA with stack for 10 records
  • Speaker: 6"
  • Cartridge: RCA Crystal Ceramic Astatic 511 with needle N29-1
  • Designer: Harry Williams modified the RCA record changer and filed a patent for it. 2,599,963