Album - Atari Championship Sprint Upright

This is in for cosmetic cabinet issues. This will be a step by step on how we repair wood damage (corners).

  • Tools to be used - Pencil, Masking Tape, Straight Edge Ruler, Circular Saw, Biscuit or Dowel Cutter, Wood Glue, Electric Hand Sander, Trim Router.
  1. Plan the cut with more wood the better for bonding.
  2. Mark off a straight line to cut out the damage and be aware of what is under the cut, and use that for support of the new wood.
  3. Make a paper template of the cut area to use towards the new wood piece.
  4. Set the depth of the circular saw to just enough to cut the bad section out and not mark or groove the under supporting wood.
  5. Cut on the inside of your line towards the bad area.

More info and photos to come...